Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Been playing nothing but MvC3 since last Thursday and its glorious, fucking glorious.  I'm really impressed with everything except the character roster.  Little bit on the easy mode side especially with X-Factor but no matter the game is still fun.  I'm pretty disappointed that there isn't a story at all this time around but I can deal with it.  Pretty much every character can be god like this time around, here's a list of few that stick out from the rest:

Captain America

Here's a little list of some hilarious teams I thought up while playing.  Some of which are actually really fucking good and synergize really well.

Spider-Man, Hsien-Ko, Taskmasker

10 More Years:
Magneto, Storm, Sentinel

Scrubby mc scrubberson:
Any combination of Dante, Zero, Akuma, X-23, and Deadpool

New York Knicks:
Wolverine (Default), Deadpool (X-Men), Sentinel (Mango)

Hulk, Haggar, Zero (All three supers at once make the bro storm)

Sentinel, Modok, Dormmamu

Ryu, Akuma, Iron Man

Tony and his waifus
Iron Man, Morrigan, Tron Bonne

Homosexual tension:
Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man

Morrigan, X-23, She Hulk

You blue it:
Captain America (Default), Zero (X), Viewtiful Joe (Blue)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rangers forever, Samurai whenever

So Power Rangers Samurai aired a few days ago.  My thoughts? It was cheesy, poorly acted, full of puns, catchy corny music, and had retouched Sentai footage.  Yup this is Power Rangers alright.  Lots of nostalgia going for this now that Saban is back in the game.  I do like how its extremely close to its Japanese counterpart as well with the exception of a few characters.  Some of the changes I think were pretty dumb looking like the new morphers and the Zord piloting suits, but hey anything to sell toys right?  Although I hated how they looked at first but in the episode itself the Zord piloting suits didn't look too bad.  One little thing I thought was cool is that they changed the kanji for the origami beasts.  In the Japanese version the Shinkengers wrote the kanji for Big on their origami beasts to make them grow, in Samurai here they write the kanji for Super, since they gain new forms as well as giant Zords.

But the BIGGEST issue is that Nick randomly aired the third episode as the premier instead of the first episode.  Why?  Shit made no sense.   Are they trying to go for a TV movie down the line or something?

I'm only guessing its the third episode too since it was a very close adaptation of the third episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, its Japanese counter part.  Speaking of which I did a few shot comparisons.

Obligatory training sequence
Obligatory training sequence

Jayden informs Mike on reading your opponent

Takeru scolds Chiaki for being lazy and tells him
to start dodging attacks

Mentor Ji looks for Mike

Hikoma (Jii) looks for Chiaki

What am I looking at

Oh look Tekken 6



Go Go Samurai!
Ippitsu Shoujo!

"You saved a lot of people today"

"You could have been killed!"


Mental training

Mental training
Go Go Samurai!
Ippitsu Shoujo!


Mike shows up
Chiaki Shows up





Cliche heart's eye moment

Cliche heart's eye moment

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This beats the shit out of The Wicker Man

I can't believe I'm about to say this but I think I just watched a Nicholas Cage movie more ridiculous than the Wicker Man.  Vampire's Kiss (1989) directed by some insane faggot.

I seriously cannot fathom what I just watched and how bad it was but almost every other scene had me and everyone else in the a 1 mile vicinity laughing their ass off.

The plot? Here's the plot: Nicolas Cage is some office worker that becomes schizophrenic and thinks he's a vampire because some bat flew into his house, hilarity ensues.  Thats it, Nicolas Cage as an insane man never has been more hilarious.  From the stupid faces he makes to the retarded accent.  Seriously this movie has to be an intended comedy with how ridiculous almost all the scenes are.  Like when Nicolas Cage is walking around the night club hunched over with a wide eyed expression or flapping his hands around screaming I'M A VAMPIRE I'M A VAMPIRE I'M A VAMPIRE.

Seriously you just have to watch it for yourself.  Here take a look at this:

And remember "people get murdered every day."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The two worst fighting game fanbases.

I had a discussion about this between some friends and actual fightan game pros (Mike Ross and Gootecks) so I'm pretty sure this opinion is pretty valid.

These two fighting games have the worst fanbases period, they aren't terrible games but their funs are just the worst.  You seriously cannot fathom my distaste for these two fanbases.

The first being Melty Blood, as in the doujin fighter based on Tsukihime the awful visual novel and even worse anime.  The games themselves are mediocre but the fans are exactly what you'd expect from a VN fanbase: the worse kind of neckbeard weeaboos.  They have major tournaments where they fight for love pillows instead of money and sticks.  Yes LOVE PILLOWS, why? Why would someone want to go through the effort just for love pillows instead of the respect first place brings?  Expecting an intelligent discussion about the mechanics of Actress Again? Well you'll only find that amongst high class players, everyone else would rather talk about which loli will reign supreme.  This isn't a joke this was a large conversation I overheard at EVO 2k10.  And the thing that irks me the most about this fanbases is computer matches, this is the ONLY fanbase that would rather spend time betting on computer vs computer matches instead of having casual matches.  I was almost turned off from Act Candeza at Evo2k7 because I got in only one casual match before they kicked me off for a computer vs computer tournament.

Now this isn't to say all fans of Melty Blood are this bad, in fact I've met plenty of pleasant ones.  But everything I've stated is true for the majority.  Just check out this video of the MBAA fanbase, the good and the bad.

The second being a rather big one and loaded with great players but just as many retards: BlazBlue.  Seriously for everyone one good BlazBlue player there are at least three other idiots.

Whats wrong with BlazBlue fans? Only one thing and just one thing: They're extremely defensive of the game. I'd say 80% of them are stuck in the 15 year old console wars mindset when it comes to BlazBlue.  The majority of the BB fans try and push their game to be better than all others for no other reason.  It's in a BlazBlue players nature to shittalk Street Fighter IV, no other fighting game just Street Fighter IV.  Which leads me to believe the majority of the idiots in the BB fanbase are just mad that they're terrible at SFIV.  For some reason BB fans really hate SFIV, they feel a need to go around hijacking SFIV discussions or make comments that SFIV sucks in arcades or wherever either game is being played.  You never see a SFIV or just even an SF player shit talking any other fighting game for no reason.  Why? Because SF has done this shit time and time again between KoF, Tekken, Fatal Fury, and even amongst itself between Alpha players, 3rd Strike players, Super Turbo players, etc.

Bring up a problem with the game? They'll chew you out like a giant spoiled Asian baby complaining about getting Dark chocolate Hershey's instead of Almond Hershey's.  BlazBlue is full of flaws and most players wont admit to them aside from X character being broken like Nu-13 or Bang.  One of BB's major flaws is that AkSys thinks all of its fans are idiots and keeps negating itself by releasing a new version before the previous one has time to evolve.  Look at all of the great fighting games of our time: Super Street Fighter II Turbo, 3rd Strike, KoF 2002, MvC2, etc.  All of them had time to evolve into a completely new game and let the community turn the game into something else.  BlazBlue will never get to experience that because theres a new version every few months.  I guarantee you Bang or Ragna wouldn't be as good as they are if Continuum Shift 1.02 had even just a year to evolve.

Tell that to a fan, namely a less understanding one?  They'll say whatever bullshit they want but it'll always be translated into "ur stupid and I'm mad."

If you're any type of fan like the ones I listed then fuck you and abandon fighting games, you're doing everyone a favor because no one wants you around.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cameras cameras cameras

So right now I'm in the middle of buying my HD Camera to use for filming stuff.  I'm pretty dead set on the Canon Vixia HV line but if anyone else has any other opinions please let  me know whats up.

The World According to Jon's Camera buying guide really was useful though, its pretty much how I went and picked out my camera.

Here's the catch, I only got $300 to spend, so I'm really relying on eBay to get this camera.  Honestly though I think I'm going to be okay, eBay has listed the Canon Vixia HV 20 for pretty good prices within my price range.  Seriously though the HV 20 is a beast of a camera, just check this out.

I really don't

know what to put for my first blog entry.  Seriously this is my first post on any blog in a while, so I'm just going to put what happened during Anime Expo 2010

Too much fucking anime at our Vuvuzela con

This was seriously the most fun I had at any AX, not because of the con itself but mostly because of all the cool bros I broke bad every day with here. Seriously you guys made this con fun, pat yourselves on the back for that. Its pretty crappy that I only get to hang out with most of you only at cons. And it's even worse that this is the only con I get to hang out with all of you at once. We'll have to make due though. Onwards and upwards. Got Evo to look forward to this weekend

Also I was expecting parties every night with plenty of mead and liquor, what happened?

Day 1
Pack at 5 AM and leave at 7 AM, an hour later than we had planned.
Like 7 people crammed in a SUV, not fun.
Slept the ride and arrived at the con at around 11 AM
Met up with Matt, Chasen, G, and others.
Met up with Motoko, got my badge, went back to the Westin to style my Silver wig
Got into Silver cosplay, ended up being late to the Pokemon gathering at 1 PM
DP Ash proposes to me, feel like I've been dragged into a Yaoi fanfic
By the end of the gathering a HUGE ASS WASP nested itself on one of the pikachus, everybody shits bricks
Roommates went to Battle Spirits tournament
Saw Kim, Arisa, and others.
Met up with Motoko again bumped into Ash and Nikki
Saw Miguel and Stan, psuedo-trolled the Funimation booth
Helped Motoko and Mike get the Love Hina stuff signed. Technically I own 66% of that >3
Went to California Pizza Kitchen with Cassie, God, and Nikki. Saw Brynn with a Y and Sarah
Went back to the con, do not remember what happened there
Saw Yeti, Ralph, and Zaz.
Went back to hotel room, switched into Fifth Doctor got Famima with Motoko, Yuni, and a bunch of other people of asian descent.
Went back to hotel room, saw roommates had won practically a box of Battle Spirits packs
Spent night dying wig and fixing Fifth Doctor
Passed out at around 5 AM

Day 2
Woke up at 10:30 AM, felt refreshed
Had breakfast at the Westin
Changed into Fifth Doctor, Stephen changed into Eleventh Doctor.
Went to con at 12:00 PM, got separated from Orlando, Moe, and James
Bumped into Rattmice, Misa, Masa, and others.
Met up with Dan
Met Sara, who was dressed as Amy Pond and got introduced. Took a few pics with her.
Got Orlando's badge, Stephen, Orlando, Moe, and James went to Battle Spirits Core Championship
Bumped into Swiper
/cgl/ gathering. Lots of Vuvuzelaing, tripfaggotry, circlejerking, and dicks to be had.
Crazy stoned guy asked me and Swiper to tie his laces.
Bumped into G, a shame he missed both gatherings he organized
Went back to hotel with Swiper to change costumes, coincidentally bumped into her upon leaving.
Guy cosplay, Capcom vs SNK gathering. Shotos, shotos everywhere.
Matt grabbed everybody for a "private" Street Fighter shoot. Shit was cash
Got a video interview in Guy cosplay
Matt gathering err body for some Denny's
Bumped into Jarrod and Yeti
Headed back to hotel room to get changed
Went to Denny's as planned, shit load of people. Decided to just go to the JW and make other plans.
Bumped into Rammy and Stan on the way to the JW
Dicks everywhere in the JW lobby.
Left for Subway, somehow the food group dwindled into small numbers.
Rage was had
Got Cold Stone, Muuko and Other Matt somehow both bought Matt a milkshake.
Went back to JW, aided Matt carrying his Liger helmet. Nervous to death about breaking the helmet.
Went back to hotel room at around 11 PMish. Bumped into Brynn again. Randomly bumped into Pickle Guy, surprised he recognized me.
Roommates were all sleeping. All of them were Core Champions, Moe got first. CARDS FUCKING EVERYWHERE
Considering going to Marriot for partying, wanted to get double Doctors going on and take some pics at the Nokia. Ended up passing out.
Ended up being a good idea not going to the Marriot, eviction was to be had. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON.
No seriously I'm not sure whether to condone or condemn the nudist trolling that entire floor.

Day 3
Woke up at around 11 PM. Nabbed breakfast and got into England cosplay. Bolted to con.
Brought a box with Eleventh Doctor cosplay, 'twas annoying.
Met an adorable tiny China, got into World Cup chat with her.
Met quite a few Japans, Americas, and Englands that made dick World Cup comments about England losing.
Met an America that implied Manchester United was shit. Raged like no tomorrow inside my head.
Cosplay Chess at 2 PM, swapped into Eleventh Doctor and became a back up pawn right next to G.
Me and G were in a good spot to die early on, the center two pawns. If you are unfamiliar with chess many openings involve those two pawns, I prefer Italian Game.
Was raging that our white player didn't take any opportunities to kill black's Sol Badguy who was doing all the fighting for Black.
Met a Demyx and Axel who are named Paige and Natalie respectively, got introduced and soooo much hugging and clinging.
Went back to hotel at around 4ish
Swapped into Fifth Doctor
Met up with Rammy, ended up going to Mega 64 panel.
Bumped into Brynn yet again, met up with a flock of tripfags
Last Comic Standing time, tripfaggotry in the entire first two rows
Sitting next to Harris is a good idea
Fozio, G, Thomas, Anton, Soap, and Jacob were awesome tier. Bridget was shit tier.
Giant Caravan to the Marriot, holding on to the bus with only one finger? Fuck yeah.
Went to hotel room, charged phone, went to IHOP.
Extremely friendly mexican waiter at IHOP
Went to room to drop off Moe
Went to party at the Marriot pool deck, alcohol was absent.
Chilled with everybody
Had some cranberry substance, I HATE CRANBERRY. Needed something to wash out the taste, drank random bottle. It was Whiskey/Rum mix, also hate whiskey. Trolled twice drinks wise.
Saw the sun rise out on the pool
Fifth Doctor got mistaken for CC cosplay somehow
Went back to room to pack

Day 4
Woke up at 11 PM and went to con in Eleventh Doctor.
Bumped into David, John, and Amanda
Met up with various /cgl/ folk and dicked around
Had the dumbest conversation about stupid shit in Garfield
Bumped into Paige and Natalie again. Soooo much clinging. I'm 900 years old this can never work out.
Said my goodbyes and left at around 3:30 PM